The person having the party must be a USA BMX full member.  If they are not a
member, they can purchase a membership at CHANDLER BMX.  It is $60.00 for (1)
year.  Once they become a member, they can invite as many guests as they wish
to the party.  With the membership, they are able to, not only, have parties at the
track, but race and practice every week also.  Race and practice fees are

Birthday Party rental of the track is $175.00 for the first 2 hours (2 hour
minimum), then $75.00 per hour thereafter.  It is a private party, with no one else
on the track.  You bring your own food, drink, etc.  We have picnic tables that you
can use.  You can bring out your barbeque, if you wish to have a cookout.  It's
basically whatever you want, bring it.

Bring out whatever bike they want to ride.  Mountain bikes or BMX bikes are the
most popular.  Riders should have long pants, long sleeve shirt and a helmet.  We
do have some loaner helmets, if needed.

We also have lights, so you could have the party Day or Night.  We recommend
this during the hot summer months.

If there is any other information, or you wish to book a party, please leave your
name and phone number on the recording at the track (480) 963-1053.

Birthday Party Information
In Review
Birthday Party Track Rental Fee
(Private Party - Day or Night)
2 Hours - $175.00
2.5 Hours - $212.50
3 Hours - $250.00
3.5 Hours - $287.50
4 Hours - $325.00
Person having Party Must have a CURRENT
USA BMX Membership.
$60.00 (if needed)
Membership effective for 1 year.
# of Guests
As many as you wish to invite.
Food & Drink
Bring your own food & drink.
You may bring a BBQ, if you wish.
Bike to Ride
Bring whatever bicycle you wish to ride.
Riders should have long pants, long sleeve
shirt & helmet.
Every guest who will be riding the track, but is
not a member of USA BMX, must sign a
Waivers are available in the Sign Ups building
at Chandler BMX.
Riders under 18 years of age must have a
parent/guardian's signature on the waiver.

For more information or to Book a Party, call (480) 963-1053.